Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Swan Valley

I reclaimed the green beastie on Tuesday and found my way to the Swan valley. All the wedding stuff seemed to be under control - or would be as Dave was on the case - and it was my last opportunity to see something the area.

I had a really nice trip but I was disappointed in the Swan Valley. It was very very flat, I saw very little of the river and one field of vines looks much like another - especially when you're driving and having to reject all the invitations to taste! I had a very pleasant lunch at the Riverside vinery - though I never did see the river there. On my way back I stopped at an aboriginal art gallery and came away with a boomerang.

Got back to find that Ben's visit had started with a trip to Ikea ............. But all the shopping was done and the transport to and from the wedding - including a Rolls - was booked. Dave, Ben and I had a very quiet but very good steak dinner. Ben spent the night with his soon to be brother-in-law. I'm glad I didn't!

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