Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Pohutukawa Trees

Throughout New Zealand the Pohutukawa - or New Zealand Christmas trees - were coming into flower as I left. There are more in the north and I was often told that they look absolutely stunning as they are covered in bright scarlet flowers.

As Craig was driving me to the supermarket I saw one, pointed to it and said "so you have Pohutukawa trees too". I got a blank look at first and then "yea, bottle brush tree, native to Oz". Well it might be, but there's not much poetic about bottle brushes.

Shopping with Craig was much like shopping with Mick...... "What do you want that for? That's too expensive, this one's reduced". He was right about one thing though - Australian bacon is much better than ours - and not just because the rashers are 18" long!

Despite having enough food for a small army I was too tired to eat much - I'd lost 5 hours coming from New Zealand - so I settled for a large G&T.

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