Thursday, 11 December 2008

You might be interested to know

Mentioning toilets in the last post reminded me of some things that I've been meaning to tell you about...........
  • There are lots and lots of public toilets in NZ. Even some very small towns have more than one and I've been astounded to see them in some really remote areas. They are basic but clean and all have toilet paper. Who keeps them that way when they can be dozens of miles from anywhere? Anyway I'm deeply appreciative - have not had to resort to a bush once. And that's more information than you need.
  • It's not like Scotland in that - apart from the occasional farm complex - I have seen few individual houses in the countryside I've travelled. I expected to see houses perched on hill sides or next to the road as I would in Scotland but it's not like that. Housing is concentrated (and that's not the right word because it suggests crowded and it's far from that) in small towns.
  • There are lots of cafes providing everything from a cheese scone to a three course meal. They open early and close late - also not like Scotland!
  • Road repairs are interesting...... it seems to me that several tonnes of road metal are dumped in the area to be fixed. This is spread about the full carriageway by something looking like a snow plow until its reasonably level. Temporary 30 kph speed restriction signs are put up at each end and the road is opened again. On bigger roads there will be some cones. For the next few days the traffic acts as a roller and the surface becomes progressively smoother............ I've missed seeing the final finishing stages but have choked on the dust a few times. The finished product is good - all the roads I drove on were in good condition.

Sure there will be more..........

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