Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Arriving in Oz

The plane arrived a little early into Perth which was some compensation for the time it took me to get through immigration ............ The form asks you - amongst other things - if you are bringing in any food and if you've been on a farm in the last 30 days. I answered yes to both these questions as I had spent a great weekend on Michael & Gaye's farm in the Wairapa and I had succumbed to some Pineapple Lumps! I also had a box of wonderful chocolates that Anne had given me.

Admitting the farm visit meant that my footwear was checked. Despite turning out the case that I was sure the sweets were in they couldn't be found and it was decided that the 2nd case should be x rayed. Pleased to say that the Pineapple Lumps are fine!

Craig (my soon-to-be-nephew-in-law) was coming to meet me as Louise was still at work and after adjusting dial codes I got to speak to him and was told to look out for a big blue truck. It was about 6.30 by the time I got to the front of the airport and about 22 degrees - much better than the 45 that I had been threatened with!

The big blue truck is a classic Holden - bench seat in the front and gear stick on the steering column and plenty big enough for my suitcases. Having collected the keys and paperwork we set off to find the house that my brother Dave was renting for us. This took some time and led us to a garage, a couple of alleys and confusion.... Calls to Louise didn't help.

A beige building near the booze shop...... It was looking like we'd have to point the remote control at every building we saw then a question "Is Louise a little dyslexic?, could 916 really be 961?" She is, it could be, and it was indeed a beige building near the booze shop. It was also a very nice house - ideal for Dave, Ben and I.

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