Sunday, 14 December 2008

Leaving the South Island

Both Sharon and Murray left the house before me on Wednesday morning so I had a little time to work on the blog though I have never yet caught up with myself. Maybe when I'm back in Scotland?

This drive to the airport went without a hitch though handing the car back took a while as I reported the dent and a mass of paperwork ensued. Should have said nothing - it was fully insured. I tried to arrange another car for Auckland but they only had an automatic and I've never driven one. I know lots of people have said they are easier than manuals but only when you know how and I wasn't planning to waste any of the precious few hours I had left in NZ fiddling with a gear stick - or whatever it is that automatics have instead of gear sticks.

I spent the entire flight looking out of the window with lots of sighs and a good few tears. And the pilot was good enough to tell me when we flew over the Waitaki river.

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