Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ancient Edinburgh

From Moreaki I was back on the highway to Dunedin, centre of all things Scots in NZ. Though I did think that the snow gates were going a bit far in making me feel at home!

I had been told that I would have no problem with accommodation as it was not yet fully summer. What no-one realised was that it was graduation weekend in Dunedin where the University of Otago is based. What with gawking at the street signs for Moray Place, St Andrews Street, Princes Street and staring at lots of beautifully gowned and grinning students I'm surprised I didn't hit anything! But I made it to tourist information and much appreciated the 30 minutes spend trying to find me a room with a view! The harbour at Dunedin is smashing..... There was nothing in Dunedin so I was soon back on the road towards the Otago Peninsula and a holiday complex at Portobello. The road runs right along the water, there are no crash barriers and water regularly splashed over the road - it was absolutely spectacular but I needed to concentrate! Well aware though that there are some who would have relished such a drive!

Portobello very pretty though the beach is much much smaller than the one I'm used to. My accommodation for the night looked like a cross between an aluminium shed and a bus stop - it was very cute. Very new, very modern - double bed, kitchenette, shower room but not a hanger or a hook.

A walk to the end of the road took me to the beach, the unlicensed grocers, the pub and the fish & chip shop and I was soon settled in with rolls for breakfast, a bottle of wine from the pub (dozens to choose from, all chilled) and some blue cod for supper. That's when I discovered that I'd left the blackberry charger and adaptor in Christchurch and my grand plan to finally up date the blog lasted as long as the battery in the laptop - not very long. There's much to be said for watching the sun go down over the hills drinking chilled New Zealand fizz!

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