Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Saturday in Perth

The adrenaline and jet lag caught up with me on Saturday morning and it was nearly 10 when I woke up - about 4 hours later than usual. After a fantastic bacon sandwich I headed for the Swan Valley - lovely river, dozens of vineyards. Except I missed the turning and ended up in the centre of Perth. As cities go it is very attractive (small! lots of water!) and I decided to make the most of my mistake and explore. Having zig zagged through the main streets I started to climb and found myself in Kings Park. The views of the city are great and the park is beautiful.

Louise called while I was in the park and asked if I could get some place cards for the wedding dinner. She gave me the name of the shop and said it was past the shopping mall. Silly me - I didn't ask how far past the mall, or more to the point, which direction past! I found it eventually - at least 3 miles past the mall on the way into the city. And incidentally found out how and why I'd got so badly lost the night before. The shop did not have what was required but I left with all sorts that would serve a Blue Peter presenter very well.

I met Louise from work as she wanted to visit the location of the wedding and the restaurant at the same time as the real thing. This was her last day at work before starting 2 weeks leave - unpaid leave but she's not been there long and had been pleasantly surprised that her job was being kept open for her.

The location at Roleystone was beautiful and the views from the restaurant spectacular. And the visit took longer than we thought because Louise got a call from Dave to say he had landed. So instead of dropping me off at home and going to meet her dad by herself he got both of us. Which was fine as he'd hired a car - another Holden but a brand new one with LOTS of air conditioning. So I took the green beastie and left them to catch up.

We had a very pleasant evening - vague memories of crisps, sausages, peach vodka and too too much wine. Only absolutely sure that it wasn't me drinking the peach vodka!

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