Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Sunday and those cherries

I headed south out of Dunedin towards Milton to join Highway 8 which would take me north and most of the way to Queenstown. It was a beautiful day and getting hot. It was like driving to the Highlands on the best summer day imaginable. Except that the rolling hills and trees and gorse went on and on...... I stopped in Lawrence for lunch - a sandwich and cold drink in the very pretty garden of a cafe. The temperature was showing as 28 degrees by then and the air conditioning was on in the car.

Soon after leaving Lawrence I got to fruit country - miles and miles of cherry trees and road side stalls. The one I stopped at operated an honesty box and on leaving $6 dollars I made off with half a kilo of large ripe cherries, scattering stones and stalks up the highway towards Alexandra. Of course, I'd also found several pairs of cherries and had hung a set over each ear as I drove along hopping from one fading radio station to another for news and reasonable music.

By the time I got to Alexandra I was ready for more fluids, some jandals (flip flops to me) and some CD's.

I'm not sure that Alexandra was ready for me - I'd forgotten to remove my ear decorations and created near hysteria in the grocers when I went to pay for my water. I thought they were very fetching myself! Having consumed the cause of hilarity I moved on to look for music. Not hilarity this time but confusion....... I asked some advice about good contemporary Maori music. Asking a spotty 16 year old about contemporary in any country is probably silly and it took a while for me to make clear what I wanted. However, my fundamental flaw was to ask a 16 year old for his recommendation on anything. I should have asked him what he would buy for his great aunt Flossie! Anyway the CD cover had a very good looking Maori with tattoos on his face and hands and I bought it. I suppose I should not have been surprised that young Kiwi's like rap music but it's taken a while to come to like the CD.

Anyway I hadn't heard the CD when I found the shoe shop. After trying on all manner of sensible, soft leather sandals and jandals.......... I bought a pair of lilac and lime green sling backs! Strange that I never realised I needed them until I got to Alexandra. I just need a new wardrobe now to go with them.

More later........ another plane to catch


Tracey said...

Are you missing us so much that you've bought shoes in UNISON colours? My hoover is lime green and purple but it stays in a cupboard most of the time. Will the shoes??

Glyn's Kiwi Adventure 2008 said...

I think they'll stay in the cupboard until about next May - definitely sunshine shoes!

Tracey said...

I'll brace myself for the spring and the grand unveiling of the Kiwi shoes!