Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Another classic motor.......

It was about 9.30 and I was just about ready for a second G&T when Craig and Louise arrived. It was great to see her, she looked smashing and despite being tired was excited about what the next few days would bring. So was Craig but he was also down because work - and therefore his anticipated income - had fallen through with no notice. He'd got a new job lined up but the timing of it all was c***!

Louise manages a jewellery shop and had been working until 9pm. She had driven over in their other classic car - classic in that at 26 it is as old as she is. Yet another Holden, this one a Gemini that is bright green and was to be mine for the next couple of days. Louise warned me that the plastic seats would get hot and there was no power steering. Never mind, we'd get on fine.

Friday morning was hot and I realised that I needed shorts. So I made a trial run in the small green beastie back to the shopping mall. It wasn't too bad on the way there as the car had been parked in the garage all night but getting back into it after an hour in the mall car park was torture! Plastic seats, no air conditioning and no fan!

And you're right I'm glossing over the fact that despite trying on just about every pair of shorts in the place I couldn't bring myself to buy any - I looked ridiculous!! I compromised with a couple of short skirts - mutton dressed as lamb rather than sack of potatoes tied in the middle!

I then took a couple of deep breaths and pointed the green beastie in the direction of Freemantle. No problem! Got straight there and even found a tree to park under. Coped reasonably well with only 4 gears - don't think I quite stripped the gear box - the engine agreed with my instinct to change up! Freemantle is very pretty and I enjoyed my walk around the harbour as well as the prawns from the water front cafe. I also enjoyed an exhibition of metal sculptures - fabulous things but far too big to pack in a suitcase.

I was really impressed with myself as I got back to the house without getting lost and after a quick change I headed to Louise & Craigs - Louise was taking me to Scarborough beach for fish & chips and to watch the sun go down. We had a great time - despite my new skirt and my knickers getting drenched by an unexpected wave. It was dusk when we got back to their house and Louise had confessed that there was a slight problem with the rear lights on the car - they probably didn't work....... So I headed straight off to be back before I really needed them. Except that I got thoroughly and seriously lost. Found myself in the wrong part of town and being followed - not by the police - but by young men in a couple of cars trying to frighten me. They did!! I eventually found my way back and calmed down with a glass of wine.

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