Sunday, 7 December 2008

Saying goodbye to Conor

Friday's activities started with a drive to the airport as Conor was flying back to Wellington and to home. Very selfish when she was still not well and missing her boys but I wasn't wanting to say goodbye. Don't need to tell you that I shed tears - and am doing so again as I write this, so I'll move on.

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jane said...

Kia Wahine toa, I am really sad that I did not get to say goodbye to you, but when we last spoke i hadn't connected that i would be in Wellington. But I have met with several of the people you connected with over your time here in Wellington including Sharon, Conor, Tim, and Andrew so that I feel very up with the play. I'm glad you liked the taonga pounamu, Our master Carver Ewen Duff from Dunedin carved it and sent it up to Christchurch for you. I asked him to create and appropriate taonga based on information about you that I shared with him. So it really was made and chosen for you. I also understand that you were in Portobello which is only a few kilometres from Otakou (Ewen and my Marae). And you were also at our Mountain Aoraki (Mount Cook) and you would have flown over our river Waitaki, so I feel that the taonga has guided you around to our places of power and spirituality and the wairua (spirit) and kaha (strength)of these places will have been passed on to you through your taonga.

I hope the rest of your journey goes well and i look forward to our paths crossing again in the future