Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Family and a fish hook

Dave made the bacon sandwiches on Sunday morning. Louise had stayed over and gone into work very early to finish up, she called to say that Craig had a fish hook in his finger and could we pick up a scalpel on the way over! To cut a long story very short Craig finally gave in to family pressure and had the hook removed by a doctor on Sunday evening!

Dave, Louise and I took another trip to the wedding location where Dave and I reinforced our earlier advice to Louise - that gold stilleto's not wise if wanting to get up and down 90 stone steps as beautiful bride! Dave also decided that wearing a suit for the wedding was above and beyond what should be expected of the father of the bride!! It reached about 37 degrees during Sunday afternoon.

Craigs Gran, aunt and cousin arrived during the day as did friends Iain and Laura who are
back-packing round the world. The day finished with a Barbeque in the garden at Craig & Louise's house - with enough food to feed the entire wedding party for a week!

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