Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Reindeers and snow men

How can you take Christmas seriously at 35 degrees - even if the shops are full of snowmen and reindeers! We had a serious shopping list for Monday - the grooms wedding ring; the bride's earrings; hat, shoes and shirt for the father of the bride to name but some of what we were to get. I couldn't be left out ........... bought another pair of shoes! Very classy black suede wedges - absolutely impractical for that dry, dusty environment and not much better for Scottish wet but irresistible!

Dave and I spent the evening making the place cards for the wedding - Blue Peter has nothing on us!

Helen (Louise's mum), Stav (Helen's partner) Ben (Louise's brother) and Freya (cousin) were all arriving around midnight. I was quite happy to leave Dave and Louise to the task of picking them all up from the airport. Ben was to be in the house with Dave and I, while the others had a separate apartment.

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