Friday, 5 December 2008

Still busy

Tuesday was another long but very productive and enjoyable day. It started at the Department of Labour, Pay and Employment Equity Unit with a briefing and discussion with about 15 staff on what's happening with equal pay in Scotland. This was an audience full of experts in pay equity issues and as I expected the questions and debate were thorough. A very pleasant lunch in an Asian restaurant was followed by a couple of hours off which I used for a whistle stop tour of Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand. It's huge and wonderful and I could have spent a week there and not seen it all. I concentrated my time on the area dedicated to Maori history - which includes a very beautiful Marae. I also managed to fit in an exhibition of New Zealand art.

From the museum I went to a pub called Backbenchers. No prizes for working out that it's next to the Parliament Buildings. But you'll have to wait to hear more about that as I need to go to my next meeting now. And there was a lot more to Tuesday...................

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