Saturday, 3 January 2009

Wednesday 17 December - Louise & Craigs wedding day

And it promised to be hot again. I was due to meet up with the female relatives at the hairdressers. Though nothing was being done with mine - there's not enough of it. The taxi I called was an hour late and I got there just about in time to see them finished off - and very glamorous too! It was my first meeting with Helen and Freya since they'd arrived and I'm sure my comment about her being at least a foot taller than the last time I saw her betrayed both my age and my jealousy - I'm back to being the short**** of the family again - at least 4" shorter than anyone else!!

Back at the house I fulfilled my rash offer to iron shirts and press trousers and soon we were ready to go. We collected the flowers en route earning all sorts of compliments from the florist about how well we had scrubbed up!

We met up at Helen & Stav's apartment, handed a very beautiful Louise into the Rolls with Dave and the rest of us followed on. Ben and I in charge of emergency supplies - bottles of water, bug sprays, wet ones, first aid kit........

We all made it down the 90 stone steps without incident - Louise did 85 in flatties and the rest in the gold stilletto's!

It was a truly fabulous location for a wedding. Sue, the Celebrant, made the ceremony informal and comfortable but very meaningful for Louise and Craig and I'm sure a few tears were shed! After lots of photo's and a champagne toast we made our way to the restaurant for more champagne and a really good dinner.

It was a very very good day for all of us. I'm not sure when it finally ended but with the excuse of an early flight for me - with a lift to the airport from Dave - we left as the first few were making use of the hot tub in Louise and Craigs back garden.

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