Monday, 17 November 2008


The Conference I'll be attending is just days away. The agenda has been published and it's going to be a packed few days with discussion and debate around scores of subjects.

Things like
  • It’s more than talk:A status report from the Building Better Government Engagement
  • Reference Group: Options for building knowledge, skills and values in the public service to support effective community engagement
  • Changing Relationships: how government funding models impact relationships between organisations
  • Love Doesn’t Pay the Bills! - Critical Knowledge in Negotiating Remuneration Contracts
  • Shall we dance? - High performance work systems and employment relationships in Social Services NGOs in New Zealand

There are too many to list on the blog so here's the link to the web site

During and after the conference I'll report on some of the activities I've taken part in. It'll be great.

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