Saturday, 22 November 2008

Auckland, Sunday morning

I'm beginning to feel human again - lots to be said for a night spent in a king size single bed! My blackberry seems to have gone the way of others back in the UK and I can't send or receive UNISON emails - though it's ok for photo's, texts and phone calls. So the decision to bring the lap top was the right one even though the connection is really slow - some things don't change.

Next task is to send photo's from my camera to Tracey for the album. None of them are very good as it was hazy in LA and here too, but they should give some sense of the places I've been so far. Assuming I can do what I've been told!

Yesterday's trip to the volcano was a great introduction to the city but it also made me smile - the first day I came to Edinburgh to start work for NUPE, Bob Thompson took me to the top of another volcano (Arthurs Seat) for a similar look around. How many other cities have extinct volcano's as viewing points?

It's time to go in search of breakfast - a cafe I think - I need the frying pan for coffee making and the vending machines here don't seem to stock bacon rolls!

Sunday, 23 November, 9 am

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