Saturday, 29 November 2008

Its Saturday, it must be Wellington

After my success with the car on Friday I suppose it was inevitable that I got lost on the way to the airport. Many thanks owed to the people I accosted who put me back on track and enabled me to get to the airport with 10 minutes to spare. The adrenaline rush took rather longer to subside.....

It was a small prop plane that flew low enough to see some spectacular scenery below - including Mount Doom. Having problems sending photo's but there are some wonderful sights.

I was met at Wellington airport by John Ryall the National Secretary of the Service & Food Workers Union which organises within the community & voluntary sector. John has been a very active supporter of the workplace wellbeing project and had been at the conference. Over lunch at a great Italian restaurant and deli we talked about the differences and similarities between UNISON and SFWU and I learnt a lot more about the trade union and political environment in New Zealand.

Michael, my host for the rest of the weekend arrived and John took us to see a local health centre that had been established with trade union involvement. It's a wonderful facility, a bright new building that provides very local access to primary care for a poor community who previously had to pay both to see a doctor and to get there. All primary care provision is private.

My luggage then got moved from Johns car to Michaels and we set off on the hour long drive to his home in the Wairarapa. Lots to say about the journey and the place and the people so more later.................

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