Monday, 17 November 2008

Think and Drink?!?

You may have noticed in a previous comment that a certain smart alec was intrigued about the Think and Drink session.

Just in case there's any doubt about how much thinking and how much drinking will be taking place here's what I'll be up to -

Tuesday December 2: CTU Think ‘n’ Drink
Where: CTU Meeting Room, 7th floor, Education House

(Back Building), 178-182 Willis Street
Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm

A teacher and community development worker by trade, Glyn has been an Organiser with UNISON Scotland since 1994 and a union organiser since 1992 when she first came to work for NUPE, one of UNISON’s three founding unions. Glyn is now a member of the Scottish Management Team which has responsibility for implementing UK policy and practice as well as for overseeing the development and implementation of policies that are unique to Scotland because of the Scottish Government. Glyn will discuss her current work with UNISON and some of the challenges currently facing public sector unions in Britain.

By coincidence this takes place on 2 December, so while I'm thinking and not drinking that same smart alec is likely to be drinking and not thinking as it's her 40th birthday!

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Cammy Day said...


Good Luck - sounds a fantastic opportunity!

Make some good links for us in the future!