Sunday, 23 November 2008

Work starts today

It's Monday morning here and the ANZTSRC (Australia/New Zealand Third Sector Research Conference) starts today - the event that sparked my visit. It's raining and has been since yesterday afternoon. It might be because the accommodation is on the 14th floor but the rain was horizontal half an hour ago.

All five occupants of the flat are now in residence. Brenda from Toronto, Stina from Sweden, Barbara the 'local' from Hamilton, and Anne from Australia. All are professors or Phd students and I was feeling overwhelmed by so many intellectuals. Then I remembered that it was me that got the new kettle, the extra pillow, the iron, access to working showers - and hunted down the 'liquor store' for the bottle of wine. The comforts of life are now complete as Anne (who has a waterproof) has just returned from an expedition with more toilet rolls and umbrellas for us both! And Brenda has just looked in to say she's off to find the liquor store.

Brains are all very well but organisers have their place!

I went for a walk to 'midtown' yesterday. Odd mixture of shops from designer labels to tourist tat and sex shops. Found a good book shop and fnally got a copy of the Lonely Planet Guide to NZ - shocked at the price - almost £30. I thought it was a mistake but looked at lots of others and all books are really expensive. Will have to find out why.

More later............

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