Saturday, 25 October 2008

So what will I be up to?

Here's my itinerary. It's still in draft and there will be other things to see and do while I'm there. So I can share my experiences I'm going to try and update everyone through the blog after each event.


Saturday/Sunday 22/23 Nov - Auckland
Arrive Auckland ex Glasgow Saturday 7.25am. Rest and recreation/recovery

Monday 24 Nov- 11am- 2pm
Attend Australia NZ Third Sector Research Conference powhiri/welcome/opening address.

Tuesday 25 Nov
Attend/address ANZTSR Conference – plenary and presentation - full day

Wednesday 26 Nov
PSA/SFWU NGO Organisers/senior delegates seminar
Other meetings with union colleagues

Thursday 27 Nov - Hamilton (No, not in South Lanarkshire!)
Hamilton Sector Employment Seminar

Friday 28 Nov - Rotorua
Rest day.

Saturday/Sunday 29/30Nov -Wellington
Fly Hamilton/Wellington. Meet John Ryall for lunch in Petone on Saturday en route to the Wairarapa. Weekend in Wairarapa. Interview with Chris Laidlaw Sunday morning.

Monday 1 Dec
Social gathering (Think and Drink) Monday evening

Tuesday 2 Dec
Tuesday free for engagements in Wellington
Other meetings with union colleagues/dinner

Wednesday 3 Dec
Wellington Sector Employment Seminar

Thursday 4 Dec - Christchurch
Christchurch Sector Employment Seminar
Other meetings with union colleagues

Busy, busy but i will be great to do and see so much while I'm there.

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Tracey said...

Think and Drink!
Fantastic - that could be the theme of the next staff conference!!