Sunday, 1 February 2009

Still in Hong Kong

Apologies for abrupt halt to last post. PC crashed and a terrible few minutes while it restarted and I saw that I hadn't lost everything..............

By the time the taxi had got to Kowloon I was much restored and decided to stick with the plan so I asked him to drop me at Temple Street night market. I'd been told that this was where I'd get the fake watch I had planned to buy. And to date, far from melting the credit card I'd bought nothing but lunch and fares - bus, boat and taxi.

Despite all my earlier complaints about noise, people and too many shops I really enjoyed the market. It was about 10pm when I got there and it was buzzing. There were dozens of street restaurants selling amazing looking food - especially prawns and langoustine - but I was still too full from lunch to manage any.

I was offered dozens of fake handbags and plenty of fake watches but they were all far too fussy for me. Chains, buckles, sparkly bits when I wanted plain and elegant. It seemed that those who'd told me that what I wanted was too cheap to be worth bothering to fake were right. All sorts of rolex and cartier but no longines or tissot.

Alongside the designer fakes was all sorts of tat of the kind that you see in any market. I know I wasn't far from the snake market but I'm really not disappointed that I missed it!

I made my way back to the hotel and finished the evening in the bar with a cocktail - one I really like and can never remember the name of - clear white spirit and lots of lime juice.

The following morning I was up before 5 for the journey to the airport and my flight home. I couldn't believe that I'd spent 30 hours in Hong Kong and bought nothing! So at 7.30 when the shops opened at the airport and with 15 minutes before I boarded my flight I bought a real watch!

The flight home was tedious. It was very bumpy and for almost 10 of the 13 hours the seat belt signs were on. Several people were sick. I wasn't one of them but I couldn't sleep and got very bored. The flight was full so there was little room to move even for someone as short as me. About 2 hours out from London I was stood at the back of theplane and got talking to Syon (?) who was decidely twitchy and kept eyeing the emergency exit. Syon is from Tonga and is a rugby player. He's a big big guy and he'd been off and on planes - economy seats - for the previous 27 hours and had had enough!!! He was on his way to visit his brother who plays rugby here and was arriving into London on 20 December wearing nothing but shorts, tee shirt and flip flops - I do hope his lift arrived. I promised him a good steak if he made it to Scotland but I've not heard from him yet.

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