Sunday, 1 February 2009

A little oasis of calm........

With number of shops, people and noise getting to me I was pleased to see a park on the map - between me and the harbour. I nearly wept at my first attempt to get into the park - it was a car park! I persevered, I couldn't believe that there wasn't some small piece of green remaining. My second attempt to find it was nearly as bad as I found an enormous concrete arena - very spectacular and empty but by now I needed trees.

Perseverance paid off and I finally found a very beautiful park with ancient banyan trees, and a small lake complete with flamingo's. I wasn't the only one seeking to restore their peace and harmony. There were a few people meditating, doing yoga exercises or simply sitting in the sun. Lovely!

I spent an hour or so in the park and was then up for continuing my journey to the harbour. The map suggested a walkway to a viewing point and after a couple of false starts I found it - and then found myself high above the harbour surrounded on all sides by far too many buildings to count. It was hot and hazy - similar to how it had been in LA - but clear enough for me to understand that I had never seen anything like it before and that I wouldn't be rushing back to see it again!

Lunch seemed like a good idea and I decided I was going to have something good in a restaurant over looking the harbour. I saw something that appealed and it seemed that I'd have to go into a building to get to it - mistake! The building was yet another shopping centre - designer labels this time. Even if I liked and could afford Stella McCartney, Versace, et al they don't make things that fit me!

Just as I was starting to think that I'd have to steal something and get arrested as the only way out of the place I was accosted by a snow flake who asked me if I needed any help. I hadn't realised that I had looked quite that frazzled but clearly I did. I could have kissed her but resisted the temptation as it would surely have confirmed all her worse fears about me! Instead I asked for directions to a restaurant with a view. She offered three - a burger bar, a pizza parlour and a chinese/vietnamese. I had a superb lunch at the latter - lots of starters - while I watched the boats in the harbour.

My snowflake had also given me directions for getting out of the designer hell hole and I easily made my way to the harbour front and the Star Ferry in harmony with the world again. An hour on the ferry seeing the sights and having my fortune told - I'm going to have a long and happy life - completed my relaxation and I was ready for anything.

I had been repeatedly told that I should not come to Hong Kong and not go the the Peak. I hadn't been keen - I REALLY don't like heights but I was relaxed, contented and making the most of the last day of my trip. So I made a quick bus trip back to the hotel to change and then headed towards Hong Kong proper and the Peak as it was getting dark.

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