Sunday, 1 February 2009

Friday morning Mong Kok

I planned to see as much of Hong Kong as possible on Friday - starting early and finishing late - there would be plenty of time to sleep on the plane. But I slept longer than I intended and it was about 10 when I left the hotel heading south (?I think?) with the intention of walking to the harbour. There were people about, shops open and lots of traffic but I soon realised that Hong Kong was not fully awake yet. "Open 11 to 11" was a common sign. I have no idea how far I walked but the number of shops, people and noise soon began to get to me.

There had been two couples at the table next to me in the restaurant and I kept turning to look at them thinking they were arguing - they weren't - just having a good time, talking a lot and getting louder by the bottle.

All the conversations I passed on my way through Mong Kok sounded exactly the same - they made the average Glaswegian seem soft spoken!

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